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HIPAA Answer Sheet and Rationale

1. D - Only when needed to perform your job are you allowed to release PHI that you learn while at work.


2. B- Your supervisor should be notified so that they may find the source. They will want to ensure documents that contain PHI are disposed of properly.


3. B- While performing your lab duties, you may need access to a consumer's PHI. You should remember that you only access the information related to performance of that duty.


4. C- Documents that contain PHI should be disposed of properly, by shredding or placed In a secure area for recycling


5. D-  You should always keep your passwords private. Remember that if someone uses your password you may be held responsible for inappropriate use by the other party.


6. D- These items and others are considered PHI. Check with your supervisor or your department's Compliance Officer for more information.


7. D- The HIPAA privacy rule protects information used or disclosed in electronic or written format. Oral communications are protected under the HIPAA privacy regulation.


8. D- The Compliance Officer or Privacy Officer has many responsibilities in addition to those included on this list. You may wish to view your department's job description for the Compliance Officer for more information.


9. A- The Compliance officer If responsible for investigating any complaint filed by a consumer.


10. B- HIPAA Is a federal law that all health care providers, clearinghouses' and health plans must follow. The HIPAA regulation is published in the Federal Register·

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