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Joint Commission Test

1. Every employee is responsible for safety.


2. In order to work with chemicals safely, you should:

C - Read the container label and MSDS

3. Emergency situation include both internal and external disasters such as a community disaster or earthquakes.


4. In a fire, you should do the following sequence: 

B - Rescue any patients, visitors or staff, turn on the alarm, contain the fire and extinguish the fire (if you can do so safely, or evacuate)

5. To properly use a fire extinguisher you should:

C - Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep (PASS)

6. Examples of appropriate, professional actions with a child include:

D.- A,C (A clinician holding a child's hand on the way to surgery and suggesting to a social worker that a family seems to need clothing.)

7. Ignoring harassment usually works because a sexual harasser is not likely to repeat his or her actions.


8. If a supervisor demands sexual favors from his or her employee and threatens the employee's job, the employer is held responsible.


9. Sexual harassment must occur over a longer period of time before an employee can report it.


10. Diversity refers to

Distinct or different elements or qualities.

Pelvic X-Ray
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